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ASL Global Logistics provides ocean freight planning and consultation services, including cost analysis, terms of sale and letter of credit advice, to simplify your financial transactions.  The selection of steamship lines, consolidation options, container specifications, packaging requirements and customs classification are additional areas in which our ocean export professionals provide valuable assistance.
We offer our clients the options of LCL and FCL shipments, transit loads, reefer loads, heavy loads, ro/ro and break bulk services.  In addition we also offer specialized ocean services for out-of-gauge and over-size shipments.
FCL - Full Container Load

FCL is a standard container that is stuffed (loaded) and un-stuffed (discharged) under the risk and account of one shipper and only one consignee, in practice it means the whole container is intended for one consignee.

FCL container shipment attracts lower freight rates than an equivalent weight of cargo in bulk. The FCL means the loading reaches its allowable maximum weight or full measurement.  

LCL - Less than Container Load

Minimize Costs with LCL Ocean Freight, when you don't have enough cargo to fill an ocean freight container, Trans Global offers LCL service between major ports worldwide.

We have an extensive network of capabilities and container freight stations, which means we can offer you space within a container that is shared with other customer’s goods,  this is an economical way of shipping a small amount of goods, but at the same time provides Full-Container-Load (FCL) frequency, routing and visibility. 
ASL employs expert staff of logistics professionals to coordinate your ocean exports or imports program across the globe.   ASL is a World leader in handling project and oversize freight as well as high security moves.

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